Intelligence Developer

Fairfax, VA

Industry: ALKU:Gov InfoSoft Job Number: 133761


Signal Processing Engineer/Developer

TS SCI required with a Poly Graph


This is a re-awarded effort to the incumbent working with simulation and design from the technical aspect working with the customer directly on network communication protocols. This person will have to develop algorithms and also extra data using specific customer based and developed tools. This is an extreme close to mission effort.

  Day to day:

This person will be tasked with providing a service to the customer, they will be asked to gather information by the customer and are responsible for finding it. They will be getting into Layer 3 Data Packets and extracting information with different code (this person may pick their code of choice typically). This person will dive into the network from a telecommunication perspective and become a coder and scripter for signals processing.  They will create analytical algorithms and extra information for both structed and unstructured data. They will also develop model simulations, and data handling for things applied to space applications. Eventually this person will get involved with simulation design and integrating it with embedded apps.

Required Skills:
  • Understanding of network communications protocols
  • Experience in one or both of the following
    1. Developing analytical algorithms for structured and unstructured data
    2. Developing models and simulations to predict system performance
  • Proficient with scripting languages, i.e. Python (or any that can relate to scripting tools)
  • Experience working in Linux environment
  • Signals experience (space applications, or DVDS, or FPGA work, or Data paths, or Layer 3 data packets


  • Experience with Hadoop
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Experience with cloud computing

Job Type: FT 

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